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Welcome To Prelude Software

Prelude” – the Oxford English Dictionary definition – “prelude (to something) an action or event that happens before another more important one and forms an introduction to it.” At Prelude Software Ltd it is our aim for our customers to see Prelude accounting and business products as a “Prelude to Success” in that the actions of good accounting enable important business decisions and therefore success. The core accounting is a prelude to the additional modules and functionality to underpin and support your growth.

There are a number of products and services offered by Prelude Software Ltd. Details of all of the offerings are given in this help file.

The Product Range Includes:

  • Cloud Accounting for Accountants and their Clients and Small Businesses.
  • Desktop Accounting for Small and Medium Businesses.
  • Property Management Software.
  • CRM.
  • Final Accounts with submission to Companies House.
  • Desktop Accounting, Payroll and Emails hosting.
  • Payroll.
  • Other IT Services.

The help file firstly looks at accounting and business principles to give you background and understanding. We then look at the Desktop product which has a wealth of features for the small to medium business. We then look at the Cloud accounting product aimed predominantly at Accountants in Practice but also suitable for small businesses. Other services to support the efficient running of your business are then detailed.

Our software provides the ideal solution to help a small business manage its bookkeeping, business processes, management information and reporting.

Whether you have our Desktop Accounting or Cloud Accounting, we hope you find this help file beneficial.


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