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Using The Software – Editing Data Entry

You can use standard Windows tools to edit data being entered on a form – see Entering Data.

Remember that once you have updated the record this data cannot be changed using the Edit menu. After this you can make adjustments only by using Journal Entries – see Make Nominal Ledger Adjustments.

Using Editing Tools: Click a field – this will highlight the text – it will appear as white on a blue background.
Either: click Menus > Edit
Click on option to edit Text, or;
Right Click to display the Edit menu, then click on the required option to Edit Text.

Options available are:

  • Undo – Control+ Z – clears the latest entry.
  • Cut – Control+ X
  • Copy – Control+ C – For example use this to copy the results of a calculation from the calculator screen to a field on a form.
  • Paste – Control+ V – Use with Copy and Cut.
  • Clear – Delete
  • Select all – Control+ A.


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