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Using The Software – Multi Company

Prelude Desktop products can contain up to 100 different Companies, numbered 00 to 99.

Your system will have been installed with two already created, 00 and 99.

Company 00 is the main template company from which all others can be created – see Create New Companies.

Company 99 contains demonstration data and can be copied to a new company to provide a safe workspace where you can familiarise yourself with the system. You can enter as much test data into this new test company as you like. Use to test new processes or stationery design for example.

For example, copy 99 to a new company ’98’ and label this company ‘Test & Training‘. The existing data in this company will show what entries look like and you can add as much data here as you wish to familiarise yourself. Use this to also determine which parameters are best suited for your business. The multiple companies can also be used for archiving and copying company data.

See Create New Companies to do this and see Change Companies to move between existing companies.


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