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File Menu – Cleardown Company Data

Use this (extremely carefully!), for example, when you wish to use the ledger accounts in a company for a different company with different data. You may wish to copy the data to a second different company and test that the resultant data is good before creating the new company.

The system allows you to choose from up to 5 options which will erase combinations of transactional and standing data from the current company’s records.

Confirm with all system users that this is OK – are you sure you need to do this?
Ensure you have an up-to-date backup of the company’s data – see Back Up & Restore Company Data.
Select the required company – see Change Companies.
Ensure all other users are off the system. Not necessary, but desirable.

Processing: On the main menu click File > Company Utilities > Data Cleardown.
Select the required option from the Drop Down List – see Data Cleardown form – below
Press Return or click OK.
At warning message click Yes to continue or No to close form without clearing down.

File Menu - Cleardown Company Data

This process has been modified so there is no need for dedicated access.


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