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Managing your Mailgate Account

If we have provided you with account details, click here to log in to your Mailgate Account, from which you can manage the following:


You are presented with the Home page when you log in, which displays a summary of the total number of emails that Mailgate has received and allows you to manage your associated email addresses, manage your white/black list, and search for emails that have passed through your Mailgate Account.

Manage Associated Emails List

This feature may not be activated on your account as it is of use only if we host multiple mailboxes, aliases or distribution lists for you. With it, all incoming emails that are sent to these associated email addresses will be processed through your Mailgate Account. For example, they will be included on your Quarantine Email Report. To use this feature, first your domain and DNS records, and Mailgate/Host servers must be configured to receive and process emails that are sent to these associated email addresses, after which they can simply be added to the list on this page of your Mailgate Account. Please contact us if you need to increase your email usage and consider using this feature.

Manage White/Black List

Use this feature to add individual email addresses or whole domains to your whitelist or blacklist:

  • Emails received from email addresses and domains in this list will be assigned a lower spam score, which will reduce the chance of them being identified as spam. Note that it does not mean that they definitely will not be identified as spam, as this also depends on many other factors. Any email addresses to which you send emails are automatically added to the whitelist.
  • Emails received from email addresses and domains in this list will be blocked and will not be forwarded to your mailbox, i.e. you will not receive them. We recommend that you do not add to this list unless you are confident that the sender is genuine (i.e. not forged) and that you do not want to receive emails from them.

Search Messages

Use this feature to search for emails that have passed through your Mailgate Account, e.g. for emails that you expected to receive but haven’t and to check whether they have been blocked as spam. If you use the features in the next article, Managing Spam, you should not need to use this feature.

Newsletter Subscriptions

We have all received unsolicited newsletter emails that appear to ignore the ‘Unsubscribe’ response. This might be a genuine oversight by the email sender, but many spammers use this response to validate your email address and send you more unwanted emails. Enable this feature and use it to control the senders from which you want to receive newsletter emails. Review it periodically (every few days or week or so) and when you subscribe to a new newsletter.

Whitelisted Senders: Enable the feature and the list of senders you permit will be displayed here. Click Remove for an individual sender to change your mind.

Recent Senders: Click Whitelist Sender to permit an individual sender. Refer to Domain Name, rather than Sender’s Name, to inform your choice.

Out-of-Office Notification

You are probably familiar with the out-of-office (OOO) notification, whereby your mailbox automatically responds to incoming emails with a message that you define, e.g. to advise senders that you are away from the office on holiday. Generally, it is not advisable to use OOO notifications because they validate your email address to spammers, which might result in an increase in the amount of spam you receive.

However, sometimes an OOO notification is necessary, and you can set one in your Mailgate account in the usual way. Athough this can also be done in your email client, it could be beneficial to set in your Mailgate account insetad if you use multiple email clients (e.g. PC, laptop and mobile) or multiple protocols (e.g. IMAP, POP3, Exchange), as our Mailgate server is upstream of your email client and so the OOO notification need be set only in your Mailgate account instead of in eacl email client. Be sure to set an end date so that the OOO notifications will stop after you return to work.

End-to-End Encryption

This is the ability to encrypt the messages you send so that only the intended recipient will be able to read them. Click here to read about this more detail.

Manage Temporary Emails

This is the ability to create temporary or disposable email addresses. Click here to read about this in more detail.

Import Wizard

This is only of use if your mailbox is hosted on our Mailgate server, which is not the case.

Change Password

This should be self-explanatory, but note that this password is different from the password of your mailbox User Account, even if they have been set with the same value.