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Costing – Overview

Contract & Project Costing:

Prelude software is designed to seamlessly expand to include Project and Job Costing control. Integrated with the core Financial Ledgers, Stock Control, Order Processing and Invoicing modules, it provides efficient entry and processing of all project-related transactions, project control and management of profitability. The features of Costing include:

* Manage Contracts, Projects, Jobs and Transactions
* Maintain unlimited Cost Codes by category: Materials, Labour, Sub-Contract, Sundry, Overheads, Revenues, Write-Offs
* Maintain detailed Employee lists including personal details, default Cost Codes, rates and sub- contractor details
* Maintain detailed Equipment lists including Type, Make, Model, detailed notes, default Cost Codes, rates and status
* Time and Expense management – assign timesheet and other costs to Jobs
* Resource management – allocate Equipment and Stock to Jobs
* Transaction management – automatic link to other modules and the financial ledgers, assign orders and invoices to Jobs
* Financial management – Set prices, estimates, budgets and monitor progress

Costing reports:

A comprehensive range of standard reports with features and filters that can be previewed to screen, printed, saved to a variety of file formats and emailed.

* Job Record
* Job List
* Start Due Report
* Retention Due Report
* Cost Code List
* Employee List
* Contract Progress Report
* Job Progress Report
* Profitability Report
* Transaction Lists by Job, Account, Cost Code, Employee, Equipment, Product
* Timesheet Reports by Job, Cost Code, Employee

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