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SOP – Enter Sales Orders

Preparation: –
The following list of possible preparation steps will help you decide if you need to do anything before processing and if you need help.

If using Matrix (Customer specific) Pricing: For first time use only: activate Matrix Pricing, select the Product Cost to be used for margin calculations and the Discounts to be used – see Stock Control Parameters – General Page.

Ensure that price matrices have been created/amended as required – see Create & Edit Customer Specific Pricing (Price Matrices).

Set minimum target margins for products and circulate to sales staff.

On the main menu click Orders > Customers > Enter Orders to open form.
Select printer – see Printing Reports.
Click OK to confirm selection and open form.
Complete form details – see Sales Order Entry form – below
Click OK to update records and print order.

Any source documents retained to be cross-referenced to order and dated.

SOP - Enter Sales Orders
  • Required: Defaults to parameter setting – see Sales Order Processing Parameters – General Page. Overwrite if customer delivery date is different to that shown. The order will be reported as being due for delivery on the date shown.
  • References: 2 Fields – Type in a maximum of 16 characters in each field.

Change Account:

SOP - Enter Sales Orders

Select and click OK to update.

  • Analysis: Maximum 2 characters account specific – customers can be grouped together for reporting. Defaults to code shown on ledger account – see Sales Reporting.
  • Credit limit, Account Balance, Payment Terms and Overdue balance: These are shown in order to allow you to consider whether to process the order – if the overdue balance is not acceptable.
  • Please note: the overdue balance will not include any credits not matched as they may refer to non-overdue amounts – in the above example the account balance including orders exceeds the credit limit and therefore actions should be taken.
SOP - Enter Sales Orders
  • Select or search for Product – Description displays – overwrite if required.
  • Add Quantity, amend Price if necessary, amend VAT Code if necessary.
  • Enter or select other detail, then click Add to place on grid.
  • Line notes: Press elipsis … to display the line notes form. Enter notes that are specific to this line item in this transaction. The button turns red when a line item contains notes. Can be edited the same way as other grid items. Can be printed on stationery – see Include line notes in stationery design.
  • Analysis: Select required nominal code.
  • Note Stock availability.
  • Update: Select line on grid to amend. Click on Update to take to top section – amend details and click on Update again to take updated details back to grid.

Prices: When price field is selected click to open Special Prices form.

SOP - Enter Sales Orders
  • Check price required and click OK to accept.
  • Insert: After filling in details highlight line below where you want to insert and click on Insert.
  • Delete: Highlight line you wish to delete and click Delete.
SOP - Enter Sales Orders
  • Overall Discount: Discount applying to Total Net Invoice value.
  • PP Discount: Prompt payment discount available for settlement within number of days from invoice date.
  • Notes & Narrative: Text which can be displayed on invoices/credit notes as required by including these fields on your stationery design – see Stationery design.
  • OK: Generate and print Sales Order.
  • If Use document reprints field is checked in Parameters click Yes to reprint.

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