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SOP – Proof Of Delivery (EPOD) – Download

Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) is a value-added extension to Sales Order Processing that enables integration with remote hand-held devices to process EPOD data such as:

  • Unique delivery reference
  • Driver ID
  • Electronic signature
  • Printed name of signatory
  • Date/Time of delivery
  • GPS latitude/longitude of delivery
  • No signature management
  • Damages
  • Returns
  • Photographs
  • General Notes

All data captured by the hand-held device can be stored in Prelude for the relevant order and with Stationery Design can be incorporated in the document, whether that be the order acknowledgement, delivery note or invoice.
EPOD is enabled as a PRELUDE.INI feature. Please contact your Prelude distributor if you would like to add EPOD capabilities to your product.

The hand held device captures a signature and the device is then ‘Synced’ to your Prelude software to download a copy of the signed document.


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