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Stock – Locations Management Overview

Maintain Stock across Multiple Stock Locations

Stock Location Records:
The system maintains a unique record for each stock location in which a stock code is created. The same stock code can therefore have different details – e.g. Description, Price, Currency, Analysis Code – in different stock locations. This will be a useful feature for some businesses. Conversely, changes must be replicated for businesses which require consistent stock code details across all stock locations.
There are a number of ways to maintain stock across multiple stock locations in the system and these are summarised here.

Set up required stock locations:
First, you must create your required stock locations:
Activate Multiple Stock Locations in parameters – see Stock Control Parameters – General Page.
You can enter a default location code to be created in the step below or return to parameters to set this after you have created your locations.
Then create the stock locations you need – see Location Maintenance form.

Update individual Items:
Use to create or make changes to individual stock code records – see Create & Edit Products and Services, Create & Edit Assemblies.

Import/Export Records:
Use to make global changes – e.g. first-time use, Analysis Codes, Currencies, Price changes.
Export the entire stock record table, edit and import back into the system – see List Stock File Records, Services and Assemblies Data.

Copy Entire Locations:
Use to copy all details of an entire stock location to another stock location – e.g. to create new stock locations- see Location Copy form.

Synchronise Stock Changes:
For businesses which require stock code details to be consistent across all stock location – e.g. retail – see replicate product changes parameter in Stock Control Parameters – General Page.


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