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Sales Ledger – Account Enquiry

Using this facility you can see how much a customer owes your company and the details of the transactions making up this balance. Use this facility when managing and/or investigating open ledger account balances.

Click the Notes button to store dated notes of telephone calls/letters/emails etc. made to a customer linked to their ledger account.

Consider connecting to the internet to access customer websites for any news or updated financial information.

Either: On the main menu click Ledgers > Sales > Account Enquiry, or;
On the main menu View > Configure Toolbar > Open Form – see Configure Toolbar Form.
Check the box to the left of Customer Enquiry
Click Apply button to display this –
Click the Control Button to open form – see Sales Ledger Account Enquiry form below.
Form will display current period and open transactions as a default – see Match Sales or Purchase Ledger Transactions for an explanation of these terms.

Ensure that each Note entry is referenced with the date, time and name of the person making the entry.

Sales Ledger - Account Enquiry
  • YTD Turnover: VAT-exclusive value of all invoices posted to the ledger account since the this accumulator was last zeroed – see Period End Processing.
  • Email & Web: Click the buttons to launch email and browser applications.
  • Status:
  • Alloc – Cash, credit or journal amounts have been fully allocated against other ledger entries.
  • – UnAll – Cash, credit or journal amounts have not been fully allocated against other ledger entries.
  • Paid – Invoice has been fully paid.
  • Pt Pd – Invoice has been part paid.
  • On Stop: If present – customer sales suspended pending dispute resolution – see Sales Ledger Account Maintenance Form.
  • History On/Off: Shows/hides matched transactions from previous periods.
  • Print: Print transactions shown.
  • Last Sales: Press to display recent product sales to this customer – Prelude Desktop only.
  • ‘OK’ to save or ‘Cancel’ to clear and close without saving.

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