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Produce Sales Credit Note

The creation of Sales Credit Notes.

Go to Customer > Produce Credit Note.

Opens the Select Customer form – see Edit Customer to view form.

Select the customer from the dropdown box or the cloud link list.

The Sales Credit Note form appears –

Sales Credit Note Header Page

Produce Sales Credit Note

This form is completed in the same way as quotes – just date and references to be entered – see Produce Quote and Datepicker.

Sales Credit Note Details Page

Produce Sales Credit Note

This form is completed in the same way as quotes –

1. Select stock item by clicking on the binoculars symbol which will then populate the Description/Analysis box OR
2. Enter details in the Description/Analysis box. Important Note: You can enter as much text as you wish in this box even after the stock description selected – this text will automatically wrap round on the credit note. To create spaces between paragraphs simply start a new line, add text into the box but don’t add any thing else. see Produce Sales Invoice.
3. Enter Quantity and Unit Cost – or overwrite or accept stock/service price.
4. Click on Add Line to add details to the grid – above, one has been added and one is available to be added.
5. To edit a line click on that line’s [Edit] caption – the line will display editing line and put the details in the top section – edit the top section and click on Save.
6. To delete a line click on the [Delete] caption – you will be asked to verify before the line is deleted.

Click on the Additional Text tab to add notes or further details to the Credit Note – add notes and a narrative. This Additional Notes information appears in the footer of the credit note.

Additional Text Page

Produce Sales Credit Note

Preview Button – Gives a preview of the credit note for you to check before saving.
Suspend Button – Allows you to save and come back to later – go to Customer Overview > Invoices and Credit Notes and Select the Credit Note then click Resume editing to continue.
Save Button – Saves the credit note so that further information can be added later – can only be used once. The credit note can be found in the Pending section.
Submit Button – Saves to the Credit Note records and updates the customer’s account.
When complete, the final document is available to send by email or print as a .pdf – this can be attached to an email or sent in post
On the final page there are Select activity options for further action. These can be done immediately or later.

Produce Sales Credit Note

VAT only credit notes can also be produced – see Produce Invoice to see how to.


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