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Costing – Transaction Reports

To Report on costing transactions by type. Some reports contain sensitive information, and their circulation will need to be controlled.

On the main menu click Costing > Reports >Transaction Reports.
From the list select report required – see Reported Data List below.
Select printer – see Printing Reports.
Click OK to print/display/export to selected file type.
Close form.

Distribute reports as requested – remember that some reports contain commercially sensitive or personal information.

As required – but be aware that some reports contain confidential information.

List of Reports:

  • Transactions By Contract
  • Transactions By Job
  • Transactions By Account
  • Transactions By Cost Code
  • Transactions By Employee
  • Transactions By Equipment
  • Transactions By Product

All Reports use the same form, but order the data by the field selected.

Costing - Transaction Reports
  • Select range of Contracts, Jobs and Customers.
  • Dates: Select to report all Jobs with the selected status with actual start dates falling into the selected date range.
  • Either: Manual entry formatted as DD/MM/YY. Type over the parts of the date you wish to change – the system will skip over the “/” part itself. If the date you enter is invalid; the cursor will return to the start of the date and await a valid entry, or; click on the field to highlight data – white on a blue background – then right click to open the Calendar Menu – see Dates and Calendar.
  • Cost Types: Check to include some or all of Materials, Sub-Contract, Overheads, Labour, Sundry, Write-Offs, Revenues.
  • Click OK to print report or Close to abandon.

Sample report:

Costing - Transaction Reports

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