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Post Supplier Receipt/Refund

To post supplier receipts and refunds and allocate against invoices and credit notes.

Click on Suppliers > Payment/Refund.

Opens the Select Supplier form – see Edit Supplier to view form.

Select the supplier from the dropdown box or the cloud link list.

The Supplier Payment/Refund form opens.

Post Supplier Receipt/Refund

Enter Receipt date – see Datepicker.

Enter Reference Counter Credit No, Reference from Bank statement or anything that makes the Bank Reconciliation easier.

Enter Receipt amount and select Bank account.

Match invoices and credit notes cleared by receipt – click on match on each relevant line – use Clear match if you make an error. Enter the amount in the match amount column if the refund is short paid.

Continue until Balance to allocate is nil or a figure that can’t be allocated – e.g an overpayment. If account has no transactions then the total amount is unallocated – i.e. no matches are made and all that needs to be done is to click on Submit.

When matching done, click on Submit to post cash to the ledgers.


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