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File Menu – Stationery Design – Include Line Notes

To view line notes entered in transaction forms you must include the line_notes field in the document stationery design.

You must repeat this for each document in which you wish to reproduce line items.

Ensure no other users are using Stationery Design.

Stationery Design, find the line_notes object in the Details section of the Data Environment and drag it into the Detail section of the design form.

Shape, size and move the object and label to your desired specification.

With no further editing, this will print the line note to the extent that it fills your sized object. The line note will be truncated if it is bigger than your sized object.

To ensure the full contents of the line note are always displayed regardless of the sized object in stationery design, open the Report Expression Form for the object and check “Stretch with overflow”. This has the effect of wrapping the text to display the line note at the same width as defined in stationery design.

To not print a blank line when there is no note for a line item, open the Print When form and check “Remove line if blank“. This assumes the object occupies a line on its own in the stationery design.


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