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Post Sales Credit Note

To post credit notes individually created from outside of the system.

If you wish to use your own invoice/credit note numbers change the settings in Set Customer Preferences.

Click on Customer > Post credit note.

Opens the Select Customer form – see Edit Customer to view form.

Select the customer from the dropdown box or the cloud link list.

The Post Customer Credit Note form opens –

Header Page

Post Sales Credit Note
  • Enter date – see datepicker.
  • If configured to use invoice numbers enter the number – see above.
  • Enter a meaningful Reference.
  • Enter total amount (Gross) from the invoice.
  • click on Credit Note Details tab to continue –

Note: You can change customer if wrong one selected.

Details Page

Post Sales Credit Note
  • Enter a Description for each line on the credit note.
  • Enter Nett amount for the line, select VAT Code and Analysis Code.
  • Click on Add Line to add to grid and update Calculated VAT.
  • Repeat until Left to analyse = nil and Entered VAT and Calculated VAT are the same – you may need to amend the VAT on a line – Click on [Edit] on the appropriate line in the grid.
  • You can also delete a line and re-enter if necessary.
  • When done click on Submit to post credit note to the ledgers.
  • The Notes button allows you to update notes relating to the customer.

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