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The Process For Accountants And Businesses

This is a brief overview of the process for Accountants and Businesses to prepare themselves for VAT – Important steps are highlighted in

bold blue

for Accountants and

bold green

for Businesses.

For accountants

  1. Create an Agent Services Account (ASA).  You will need your Government Gateway account details.  Your ASA number will be in the format – XARN-123-4567 and will be needed to access the account in future.  Click the following link to go to the HMRC website and create your ASA.
  2. Link clients to your ASA . From your ASA, you will register each client by using their GGW ID (Government Gateway) – Note: this only links the client to you – It does not sign them up for MTD.
  3. Get authority from your client.  You will receive a link to be pasted into an email to which the client must respond before the deadline given or you have to go through the authority process again.

For businesses

  1. The accountant will be notified that the client has accepted or declined.  If accepted, the client can then sign up for MTD or the accountant does it on their behalf – which is what will probably happen.

For accountants

Sign up for MTD The accountant logs in to his GGW account and is directed to his ASA where he can sign his clients up using their GGW IDs.  If the accountant doesn’t have an ASA, a message will be displayed advising to obtain one – otherwise the sign-up form will be displayed.

For businesses

Businesses will sign up from a couple of weeks after submitting their last VAT return through the portal.  They must sign up at least 15 days before the VAT payment is due if payment is made by Direct Debit – it is probably best done as early as practically possible.

Use this link to access the HMRC guidance page which contains the link to sign up

The Process For Accountants And Businesses

Accountants can also sign up from this page

The Process For Accountants And Businesses

Once signed up, you can use your Prelude software to submit your MTD-compliant VAT return.

The mandatory dates for businesses and accountants to sign up has passed but businesses who exceed the threshold will still need to register.  Also, those who are currently below the threshold may possibly be required to sign up  in the future should that become a requirement.

In Prelude VAT Filer module

  1.  Go to Config > Configure VAT.
  2. Click on the radio button – Yes.
The Process For Accountants And Businesses

3. Check the details on this page and amend as necessary – you can Submit now or later.

Note: The VAT periods are: Monthly. Two monthly. Quarterly, Annual and Other – ‘Other’ allows entry of start and end dates.

4. Click on the Making Tax Digital tab

The Process For Accountants And Businesses

Click on Link HMRC Account, Scroll down first page to ‘Continue’ then fill in the Government Gateway details.  At the end of the process click on  ‘Grant Authority’ . You will the be brought back to this screen where you should see two green ticks as below – the link has been successful. If not successful you may not have registered – if you’re certain you have, please contact 0300 200 3700.

The Process For Accountants And Businesses

To submit your VAT return go to Reports > VAT return. When ready to submit. Print using the PDF button. Click on the check box and Lock the return.   Then tick the check box and Submit the return.


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