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Cash Book – Post Nominal Payments

Use this to process payments for Wages and Salaries, Bank interest and charges payable, Rent etc. – payments not relating to customers and suppliers’ invoices and credit notes.

Ensure cheque signatories are available (if applicable) or make payment through bank awaiting authorisation.
Ensure you have supporting documents to hand to answer any queries.
Obtain an up-to-date nominal code List – see List Chart of Accounts.

On the main menu click Daybooks > Cash Book > Payments > Nominal Ledger.
Process payment – see Cash Book – Nominal Payment Entry form – below.
Click OK to update.

See Bank Reconciliation.

As required – see List Cash Book Transactions.

Cash Book - Post Nominal Payments
  • Bank: Important! – Please select the bank account the payment was (is to be) made from.
  • Date: Either: Manual entry formatted as DD/MM/YY. Type over the parts of the date you wish to change – the system will skip over the “/” part itself. If the date you enter is invalid; the cursor will return to the start of the date and await a valid entry, or; cick on the field to highlight data – white on a blue background – then right click to open the Calendar Menu – see Dates and Calendar.
  • Reference: For cash book listing.
  • Gross & VAT: Enter total amounts – usually monthly spend.
  • Enter Net Amount and appropriate VAT Code and amount on each line until Left to analyse = nil and Entered VAT = Calculated VAT – differences can be adjusted.
  • Click OK to post to nominal ledger or Cancel to abandon.

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