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Sales Ledger Un-Matching

To unmatch customer receipts. This must also be done prior to cancelling a receipt if the receipt has been allocated -See


Sales Ledger Un-Matching
  1. Hover over Customers and double click on View , then select the customer – See Customer Maintenance – Edit.
  2. Click on the Receipts and Payments tab, then tick the ‘Show history’ checkbox.
Sales Ledger Un-Matching

3. Click on Allocated to open form –

Sales Ledger Un-Matching

4. Click on [Unmatch]

5. The entry on the customer’s tasks form changes to Unallocated and the invoices and payment now show on the All Transactions tab.

Sales Ledger Un-Matching

This process can also be used to unmatch invoices and credit notes and customer refunds.

By ticking Show history and clicking on [View] you can identify the invoices etc. relating to allocated payments.


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