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Microsoft Outlook Authentication

Microsoft Outlook: Connect to

Sometimes when you open Outlook that is connected to your Microsoft Exchange mailbox, you will be presented with the Connect to dialog box. This is nothing to be concerned about and is easily resolved.

Microsoft Outlook Authentication

Outlook requires you to authenticate your connection to Exchange by entering your user details. This authentication actually happens every time Outlook connects to Exchange but, if you have previously checked Remember my password, usually the software remembers your details and does this automatically. Occasionally, it will require you to re-enter your user details. Only Microsoft knows why it does this.

When it does happen, you should enter these details:

  • Username: appsservers\username
  • Password: your usual Desktop password

Your username and password are the same ones you use every day to log on to our desktop platform.

You must include the “appsservers\” domain prefix before your username.

Tick “Remember my password” to allow Outlook to authenticate automatically next time.


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