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POP – Overview

Prelude software is designed with Purchase Order Processing as one of its major features. Integrated with the core Financial Ledgers and Invoicing, Stock Control, Sales Order Processing and Costing modules, it offers a great deal of flexibility in the processing of ordering goods and services from your suppliers and maintaining accurate and effective Stock Control. The features of Purchase Order Processing include:

* Tailor your own processes & input screens
* Auto-sequential or manual order numbering
* Issue order number at start or end of process
* Process orders for Products, Assemblies and Services
* Options to retain order number for goods received notes and invoices
* Option to use purchase invoice register
* Allow over receipt
* Book products into stock on receipt or invoice
* Comprehensive stationery design
* Order acknowledgements, goods received notes
* Unlimited items & order amendments
* Notes for each order for internal use or printed with the order
* Barcode scanning input
* Automatic updating of on-order quantity in the stock record
* Multiple invoices/receipts per order
* Automatic update of in-stock and on-order stock figures when goods are received
* Quick enquiries on current & completed orders
* Can be used independently of Stock Control
* Full history

Purchase Order reports

A comprehensive range of standard reports with features and filters that can be previewed to screen, printed, saved to a variety of file formats and emailed.

* Order List
* Order Action
* Aged Orders
* Orders by Supplier, Product, Category, Stock & Bin Location
* Receipts Due Report
* Uninvoiced Stock Receipts
* Uninvoiced Stock Analysis

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