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Purpose: To synchronise local data changes and transactions with external databases, e.g. Flightdeck, Framework.

The table below summarises the following:

  • How Prelude Desktop user-form activities create CSV files in \Automation\FTP\Pending;
  • How processing CSV files in \Automation\Pending creates corresponding CSV files in \Automation\FTP\Pending:

Processing transaction CSV files makes the following assumptions:

  • B2B=’MASTER’ or ‘SLAVE’ is from an external source or is created by Prelude Desktop, so must be synchronised
  • B2B=’SYNC’ is from a synchronise target database, so no CSV file is created
  • All transaction CSV files are created with B2B=’SYNC’

The CSV files will be copied to the FTP site identified in Automation parameters, after which they will be moved to \Automation\FTP\Processed. The files on the FTP site are then available to external databases for processing.