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Warning – Stock Valuation Period-End

Warning - Stock Valuation Period-End

Appears during Nominal Ledger Period End.

Because… With Stock on the Balance Sheet activated in the Stock Control Parameters, at nominal period end the system automatically posts Closing Stock and Opening Stock journals to adjust Management Reports for Stock Valuation on the Balance Sheet and Cost of Sales in the Profit & Loss Account. It is advised that prior to running nominal period end you produce and print a Stock Valuation report based on the stock levels and costs as at period end. This may be called upon for your own purposes or for audit evidence at a later date. The system has recognised that such a Stock Valuation report has not been produced.

Therefore… Unless you have taken an archive copy of the company to refer to – see Back Up & Restore Company Data, you will not be able to reproduce the stock valuation report to defend the figure included in management reports.

Actions … Cancel the Nominal End of Period, produce and print the Period-End Stock Valuation Report – see
Stock Control – Stock Valuation Form – and return to complete the Nominal End of Period.


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