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Submission errors

Inconsistent duplicate fact values

The HMRC web site performs some consistency checks on the data submitted in the accounts iXBRL file.

If it finds what it thinks is an inconsistency, it will reject the submission and produce an error report in the format:

“Inconsistent duplicate fact values (uk-gaap:NameOfAccount)”

NameOfAccount, e.g. ProfitLossAccountReserve, will give you a clue as to where in your Trial Balance there might be an inconsistency in the values you have entered, for example:
– current year opening balances being different to comparative closing balances
– balance sheet movement amounts being different to p&l expense amounts, e.g. fixed asset depreciation

Should you find the offending discrepancy, please advise us by raising a support ticket. We can then consider how we can help you trap these discrepancies in the software before you produce and submit the final accounts.

Cannot attach iXBRL file to tax return

Some tax return software packages include an option to select the format of the accounts file attachment – e.g. PDF, HTML.

For online electronic submission of a company tax return, the accounts file attachment must be iXBRL, which is a file in HTML format.

If you are apparently unable to attach the iXBRL file produced by Comprehensive Accounts to your tax return, it is most likely to be an issue with your tax return software and not with Comprehensive Accounts.

Please contact your tax return software provider.

Submission errors when using Forbes Protax software

Some customers have reported submission errors when submitting their tax returns using Forbes Protax software.

The syntax of the error report suggests that it is an error with the attached iXBRL accounts file, but in fact it is caused by a setting in the Forbes Protax software.

If you use Forbes Protax software to submit your tax returns and receive a submission error, we have been advised that you should do the following in the Forbes Protax software:
– Delete the attached iXBRL accounts file
– Select Tools, select User Setup, select Advanced
– Tick the option “iXBRL contains unusual characters”
– Attach the iXBRL accounts file again and submit the tax return

We have reproduced these instructions with the help of a customer who experienced the problem.

If any of these instructions are unclear, please contact your Forbes Protax software provider.

If the submission error remains after having performed this correctly, please then review our knowledgebase for further support and advice.

If the knowledgebase does not provide the answer to your problem, please then contact us by submitting a support ticket.

Content appears to be malformed

This error is usually because one or more special or unusual characters have been entered in one or more of the free-text disclosure boxes.

This is often the case if the text has been copied from a word processor document, for example Microsoft Word, rather than having been typed directly with the keyboard.

The free-text disclosure boxes must contain only text or characters (e.g. Tab, Return) that are typed using the PC keyboard or entered using editing tools or buttons from the software menu.

If you wish to copy blocks of text from a document into a free-text disclosure box, first copy the text into a basic text editor – e.g. Notepad – and then copy from the text editor into the free-text disclosure box. This will help ensure that any special characters are stripped from the text.

The Accounting Period start or end date is missing and/or the CRN in the accounts does not match the CRN on the CT600

This error message is usually caused by one of the following two issues:

One or both of the accounting period start date and end date are missing or are inconsistent. From the menu, Data > Document and Disclosure, check that the following fields are correctly populated:
– Date of first day of accounting period
– Date of last day of accounting period

The Company Registered Number you have entered in our software is not the same as the one you have entered in your tax return software. From the menu, Data > Business Details, check that the Company Registered Number entered here is EXACTLY THE SAME as you have entered in your tax return software. A common mistake is to include a leading zero in one and not in the other.

One or both signing directors are not selected

A signing director must be selected individually for the Directors’ Report and for the Balance Sheet. This must be done even if it is the same director or even if there is only one director.

If this is not done, you will receive a submission error something like this:

Error Type: xbrl.dimensions.xbrldie:ExplicitMemberUndefinedQNameError
Error Text: The value ‘{}unknown’ of the explicit member cannot be resolved to an element declaration in the DTS of the instance.