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Purchase Ledger – Batch Post Invoices And Credit Notes

Any number of Invoices and Credit Notes may be posted at once.

Purchase Ledger - Batch Post Invoices And Credit Notes
  • Credit Note: Check to post a credit note. Uncheck to post an invoice. Toggle between these using the F4 function key.
  • Post as Paid: Check to automatically post the receipt of payment for an invoice to the selected bank account. Uncheck to not post the receipt. Toggle between these using the F7 function key.
  • Date: Enter the posting date of the transaction. Right click to see the Date Entry menu.
  • Analysis: Select Nominal Account – default from supplier account.
  • References: 2 fields of 16 characters.
  • Gross: Enter Gross amount – F9 to enter Nett amount.
  • VAT Code: Enter the appropriate V.A.T. Code. This will pre-populate with the default customer V.A.T. code – amend VAT amount if necessary to agree to invoice.
  • Add: Adds completed line to grid – highlight grid line to delete. Use Up/Down arrows to move highlighted lines up or down grid.
  • Use Left/Right Arrows to hide or display detail fields in the Details Grid.
  • Post: Post the transactions in the details grid to the ledger.

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