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Client Access

This topic is only relevant to accountants to help them manage their clients’ databases.

There are other articles to explain in detail how to manage and access your’s and your clients’ Prelude databases. This article simply presents a suggestion for how to provide your clients with the login details for their database.

They will need their login page (the same one that you use), their database name, their username and their password.
Probably the easiest and best way to provide these details is to send them in an email to your client. We recommend that you set the change password option (explained in User Management), so that the password you send will be redundant thereafter(for security). Something like this conveys the message. Copy this into the body of a new email, replace with the specific details as required and add your preferred salutation etc.:

We have created a Prelude database for you to manage the bookkeeping and accounts for your business. It is exclusive to your business. Only you and we can access it using the secure log-in details provided below.
Click the following log-in page link and log in to your database with your username and password:
Log-in page:
Username: database.username
Password: password
You will be asked to change your password when you log in for the first time. Please choose a secure one.
Please remember this log-in page link – e.g. bookmark it in your web browser – as it is the only page from which you can access your data.
If you can’t remember your password at any time in the future, click the Cannot log in or forgotten your user details link on this log-in page and enter your email address for a reminder to be emailed to you.
To help you get started, please click the following link to read our User Guide. You can also access the User Guide from Prelude’s support menu> Documentation.


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