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Sales Ledger – Edit A Produced Invoice

Use this feature when you need to edit only text fields in an invoice that you have already processed – for example:
– to correct for typo errors or change Sales Analysis code,
– to change invoice or delivery address details,
– to change line item descriptions, line notes, summary notes or narrative.

Do this as often as necessary and reprint invoices as required.

If you need to change any financial details – e.g. change prices/quantities or add/remove line-item entries – you must use Re-Enter an Existing Produced Sales Invoice.

Identify the customer and invoice number to be edited and determine the changes that need to be made.

Sales Ledger - Edit A Produced Invoice


  • On the main menu, click Daybooks > Sales Daybook > Edit Produced Invoices.
  • Select the customer account code and click OK to display a list of that customer’s invoices.
  • Highlight the invoice to be edited using the up/down arrows and vertical scroll bar.
  • Press OK to open the Sales Invoice Production Form pre-populated with all the details of the selected Invoice.
  • To edit the invoice, process as you would for Sales Invoice Production except that only text fields are available for editing and you cannot add or remove line-item entries.

You may wish to re-print the Daybook Listing – see Print Sales Daybook Listings.

You may wish to file a copy of the edited invoice with Daybook listing for that day’s input.


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