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Support Tickets

This article assumes that you have already logged in to your support account. For instructions on how to create a support account and log in, please read the Support Account article. The Support Tickets dashboard displays your Open tickets and Closed tickets.

The user interface should be quite intuitive, but here are a few directions and clarifications:

Click [New Ticket] to create a new support ticket to report an issue or request help etc.

Subject: Please enter a phrase that summarises your issue. “I have a problem” won’t help either of us.

Priority: Is your issue really urgent?

Select from the Category and Product picklists as required.

Subscribers: When a ticket is updated, we send email notifications to your support email address. You can add additional email addresses here for them to also receive these email notifications. These recipients will only receive the emails; they won’t be able to log in to your support account.

Notes: Important – Please provide as much detail as you can, which will help us to resolve your issue as quickly as we can.

Attachments: You can attach up to three files to your ticket. If you need to attach large and/or many files, consider compressing them into fewer/smaller (e.g. ZIP) files. Large files will take longer to upload, depending on the speed of your internet connection, so please be patient.

Open tickets and Closed tickets are listed in the different tabs, with the number of tickets in each tab in brackets. There are statuses other than Open/Closed, but these are primarily for our internal purposes.

In the Open tickets tab, click [Close] to close a ticket. Please close a ticket when you are satisfied that your enquiry or issue has been resolved.

In the Closed tickets tab, click [Re-Open] or submit a reply to re-open a closed ticket.

Click [View] to view an existing ticket.

Here you can view the full response history, manage subscribers for future email notifications, submit a new response and close the ticket.

Responses with a green background and our name at the top were submitted by us.

Responses with a blue background and your name at the top were submitted by you (or one of your subscribers – see Email Integration below).

In a new response you can change the priority and attach more files.

Email Integration

At the bottom of each ticket view you will notice a message entitled Reply by email.

Every support ticket is assigned a unique eight-character code to identify it in our database and that code is included in the subject of every email notification we send you, enclosed in square brackets, e.g. [QW12QW12].

If you email reply to us keeping the square-bracket code in the email subject, our mail servers will identify this as in incoming ticket response and will display it as such in your ticket view.

With this, after you have submitted a support ticket, you and your subscribers should be able to correspond with us on that ticket exclusively by email without having to log in to view the ticket again.


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