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Sales Ledger – Credit A Produced Invoice

Use this feature when you need to produce a credit note for an invoice that you have already processed.

Identify the customer and invoice number to be credited and determine whether all or only part of the invoice is to be credited.

Sales Ledger - Credit A Produced Invoice


  • On the main menu, click Daybooks > Sales Daybook > Credit Produced Invoices.
  • Select the customer account code and click OK to display a list of that customer’s invoices.
  • Highlight the invoice to be credited using the up/down arrows and vertical scroll bar.
  • Press OK to open the Sales Credit Note Production Form pre-populated with all the details of the selected Invoice available for editing.
  • To produce a credit note, process as you would for Sales Credit Note Production.

Print Daybook Listing run as at the system date and confirm all credit notes posted – see Print Sales Daybook Listings.

One copy of credit note to be filed in number order with Daybook listing for that day’s input.


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