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File Menu – Create New Company (Or Copy Existing)

Purpose: To create or copy a company. We recommend that you create a new company and copy the current year’s data to the new company before running the Year End routine (Period End > Year End). This will create an archive of all the current year’s transactions for future reference. Useful to keep for your accountants/auditors. It is useful to name with company name and add financial year – X company 2018-19. Also useful for copying existing data to a test company for testing stationery layouts, first time use of new modules etc.

Preparation: Ensure all other users are off the system.
Select the source company – See Change Companies.

Processing: On the main menu click File > Company Utilities > Copy Company.
On the form click the New button and input a new company number (00-99) – see Copy Company form below.
Enter a name for the new company and press Return or OK.
Data will be copied from currently open company to the new company.
Configure the new company – see Set Up Your Company.

File Menu - Create New Company (Or Copy Existing)

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