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Support Tickets

The third option for support. If you have an issue with data not giving you the answers you expect or you find a bug – rare, but not unlikely, as the product is constantly being developed and whilst tested, some bugs will go unnoticed until the user finds them. Support tickets have a number of purposes –

  • It gives us details of the issue or problem so we can investigate and report back.
  • It provides a history of all the correspondence and feedback relating to the issue.
  • As tickets are categorised we can see what is still outstanding by each product for internal quality control purposes.
  • We can also measure how long it takes to resolve issues – this will always depend on the complexity of the issue and how long it takes to investigate and what is involved in rectifying the issue.
  • All the issues are contained in one place – whilst it uses emails to communicate the content doesn’t run the risk of being lost in the myriad of emails received over a period of time.

If you have a question relating to an issue or wish to report a bug, request an upgrade, transfer your software to another PC or server or have questions not covered in the FAQs or Knowledge Base please raise a ticket. If you contact us direct with this type of query or request we will ask to fill in a ticket, for the reasons stated above. See Support ticket articles elsewhere in the knowledgebase to find out how to raise and send one.


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