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Stock Levels

In \Automation\Reports\, Prelude Desktop can maintain a CSV file named STOCKLEVELS.CSV.
Production of STOCKLEVELS.CSV is controlled by the following DIAMOND.INI item:
Each record in the file will consist of the following fields:
Company Code – Char(2) – The Prelude Desktop Company number
Product Code – Char(16) – Unique product code
Quantity – Integer – Free stock quantity as defined below.

Free stock quantity = physical stock quantity + quantity on order – quantity allocated to sales.

To keep current, the file will be updated with each SOP/POP order, deliveries and all invoices.
Only Product/Assembly items with non-zero Quantity will be included.
This is used to drive the preparation and validation of a stock order. It is a report created by Prelude Desktop and not therefore the same as previously in AUTOMATION an import/transfer file – rather it is an export file.