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Logging In

You should have been provided with all the necessary login details by your accountant/administrator, or by a notification email from us if you are a member of the ICPA , or if you created a free trial.

If you forget your password, please use the reminder tool on the login page, which will usually be much quicker than trying to contact us. This tool assumes that you know at least one of your email address and username: Cannot log in or forgotten your user details?

Here is more detail, for interest or if you have multiple databases and/or users.

To log in to your database you need four things: Login page, Database, Username, Password. Security of your data is important, like your home. When you go home, you go to the correct street, the correct house, open the front door with the correct key, then announce yourself using your correct name.  Think of your database in the same way:

Login page

This is the webpage from which you access your database. It might be difficult to remember or time-consuming to type it every time, so you should save it, e.g. create a bookmark for it in your browser or a shortcut on your desktop. If you are not sure how to do this, there are plenty of helpful webpages to show you how. Search “How to create a bookmark” or “How to create a desktop shortcut”. Think of this as the correct street. If you use the wrong login page, i.e. go to the wrong street, you won’t be able to access your database.


Your database holds all your business details and accounting transactions etc. Think of this as the correct house.


Your username identifies you from other users of your database. This is your correct name.


You can change your password when you are logged in. This is your front-door key.

Depending on your accountant’s/administrator’s preference, your login page will ask you to ‘Log in‘ with either three or two boxes. More likely than not, you will have been provided with only one database that has only one user (admin), and you can log in using the details you were provided:

Three boxes: Database, Username, Password

Enter each in its relevant box and you should log in quickly and easily. If you leave the Username box empty, ‘admin’ is assumed.

Two boxes: ID, Password

Slightly different: combine Database with Username in the ID box, separating them with a dot (period, ‘.’), e.g. database.username. If your database has only one user, which is admin, or if you were not aware that your database has a user, just enter the name of the database in the ID box. As for the three-box form, if ‘.username’ is omitted, ‘.admin’ is assumed. The username part is only significant if your database has multiple users. See the User Management article.

Logging In

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