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Using The Software – Control Buttons

Control Buttons: Control Buttons, like Menu items, are used to instruct the program. Clicking on a Control Button will open a form without the need to use a menu – in effect, they are shortcuts to menu items.

Control Buttons are displayed below the Main Menu Options on the Toolbar – see Menus.

Types of Control Button:

There are three types of Control Button:

  1. System Defined – buttons which are always displayed on the left hand side of the Toolbar whenever you are using the program. These are:
    Choose Company Button – Click to select the company in which you wish to work from the list displayed – see Change Companies.
    Accounting date Button – Click to change the default transaction date – see Change Default Accounting Date.

2. Supplied with The initial setup – buttons that are selectable from View > Configure Toolbar.

3. User Defined – Buttons which are shortcuts to frequently used menu options. You can choose Control Buttons which are then displayed on the Toolbar, allowing you to modify the workspace to suit your way of working. You can change which buttons are displayed at any time by clicking on View > Configure Toolbar and ticking the appropriate checkbox.


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