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How Do I Change The Default Email Message On Statements Etc?

It is now common practice to use email to deliver and receive standard business documents – e.g. invoices, credit notes, order acknowledgements, customer statements etc. Your Prelude Desktop product allows you to automatically email specific documents to customers and suppliers as well as print any documents to standard format files which you can then attach to an email.

Preparation – Settings:
Ensure that there are no other users on the system.
Configure the system SMTP settings – for Prelude Desktop products see General Parameters – Internet Page and for Prelude Cloud see Parameters Form – Company Details .
Configure the customer and supplier Accounts to which you want to automatically email specific documents – see Customer Account – Miscellaneous Page, Supplier Account – Miscellaneous Page

Preparation – Message Body
With no further configuration, your product will now automatically email your chosen documents to your chosen customers with a generic preset message in the body of the email. You may wish to include your own generic message in the email body and your software allows you to do this. This requires some maintenance but can be a useful marketing tool. The message can be specific within each system company and can be either HTM or simple text format.
Prepare your desired message and save as a file named EBODY.HTM (for HTM format) or EBODY.TXT (for simple text format).
For company-specific messages, save this file to \Root Directory\Data.0xx (where xx is the company number) – all emails from this company will contain the EBODY.~ file contents in their message bodies.
For system-generic messages, save this file to \Root Directory – emails from all companies will contain the EBODY.~ file contents in their message bodies (except any companies with their own EBODY.~ file)
The system uses the following order to detect an email message body file. It applies the first it finds and if none are found, the generic preset message is used:
\Root Directory\Data.0xx\EBODY.HTM
\Root Directory\Data.0xx\EBODY.TXT
\Root Directory\EBODY.HTM
\Root Directory\EBODY.TXT