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I Am An ICPA Member But I Can’t Log In To My Free Account

Your free account has been set up and is ready for you to log in with the username and password both set as your ICPA member number.

The ICPA will have advised you of your member number. If you don’t know it, please contact The ICPA as we don’t hold your member details, only the member number, which will be an alphanumeric code in a form similar to ABC123 with all letters in uppercase.

Your password is case sensitive and so must be entered with uppercase letters, otherwise your log in attempt will fail.

When you log in for the first time, the software will invite you to change your password. We advise you to change your password to something that is secure and memorable to you.

A password strength indicator is displayed on the log-in and password pages but is not enforced by the software. You must ensure appropriate password strength.