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How Do I Create A Non-Stock Sales Invoice?

To create a Customer invoice, click menu Daybooks > Sales Daybook > Produce Invoices.

Alternatively, click the Produce Sales Invoices button on the toolbar.

The Select Output Form is displayed, followed by the Sales Invoice Production Form after you have selected your output option – e.g. printer or PDF document.

Select the customer you want to invoice and enter references on the header page. Click on the details page.

Ignore the stock selection binoculars (Code) and enter the invoice details into the description line. Click on the line notes button to add further details.

Once you’ve entered all the invoice details, click on Add to add to the grid. you can add further lines or continue to the summary page or click on OK to save. The invoice can be amended later, if necessary.

The invoice will be produced to your selected output and will appear in the customer’s account listing (accessible by clicking menu Ledgers > Sales > Account Enquiry) – see Sales Ledger Account Enquiry Form.

You can re-print the invoice from this form.

See more details in Produce Sales Invoices in the Sales Daybook section.