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How Do I Transfer My Prelude Desktop To Another PC Or Server

To move Prelude Desktop to a new or different PC will typically require the following steps in this order:
• Back up all your Prelude Desktop companies to a different networked PC or server or a removeable media: e.g. CD/DVD, memory stick or external hard drive.
• Uninstall Prelude Desktop on the existing PC.
• Install Prelude Desktop on the new PC.
• Restart the new PC.
• Contact us in order to release your licence from the existing PC in our databases.
• Activate your Prelude Desktop licence on the new PC.
• Restore your Prelude Desktop companies to the new PC.

Backup your existing data: It is vital to backup your existing data before you do any thing else. The backup menu option is on the File menu. Refer to File Menu – Backup Company Data. Ensure you can restore from the backup to the new installation.

Uninstall Prelude Desktop: It may be necessary to completely uninstall Prelude Desktop, for example, if you are moving the installation to a new PC or if the installation has become corrupted.

Before uninstalling Prelude Desktop, back up all the companies‘ data that you wish to keep – see above.

When Prelude Desktop is first installed an Uninstall program is installed alongside it. Use this to uninstall Prelude Desktop:
• From the Start menu, select All Programs > Prelude Accounts > Uninstall Prelude Desktop Accounts. This will remove all the program folders and files that were created when Prelude Desktop was first installed and all the registry settings.
• Then delete the following folders and all their contents, if they still exist:
o C:\Program Files X86\Prelude Desktop\
o C:\ProgramData\ Prelude Desktop \
Manually deleting the program folders and their remaining contents may be necessary as the uninstall program can only delete the folders and files that were created when Prelude Desktop was first installed. So, for example, company data folders created after installation must be deleted manually.

You might also have to manually delete the program shortcuts in the start menu and on the desktop.

Install Prelude Desktop on the new PC: • Download the latest release installation file from our web site in the usual way. We will advise you of the link by email after deactivating the account and creating a new activation which we will advise at the same time.
• Install Prelude Desktop on the new PC. Click on the executable file or install file if this is supplied as well. The install will start and you simply need to follow the instructions. As part of the installation you will be asked to select ‘Single (Standalone) PC or Server’. Select this option first on the server or if a single user then on the PC. The recommended path for installation is C:\Program Files X86\Prelude If installing on a new server ensure you have mapped a path to the server Prelude Installation. This will be required in the setup When adding PC’s – select ‘Workstation’ installation type.
Deactivate your current licence
• Before you can license your new installation, we must first update our licence activation database on our website to deactivate your current licence.
• Submit a support ticket to explain the circumstances and we will update our database. Go to to raise a ticket – You may need to create a support account – just click on the link and follow the instructions – you will be able to create the ticket at the same time.
• Wait for a response from us to confirm that our licence database has been updated.
• You will be unable to activate your licence until this is done.

Activate your new Installation: Once you have received you new activation code go to the Help Menu > Activation and enter the details.

Restore your data: Your new software will open with no companies set up except 000. Go into 000 and go to File Menu> Restore Company Data. Locate the backup files and restore to their original company numbers. The version may be newer than your existing system so each company will be automatically upgraded which will take a few minutes.

The setup will create shortcuts and you will be asked to install in the Start Menu, by default. Please accept the default.