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How Do I Prepare An EC Sales List?

EC Sales Lists are quarterly statistical submissions to HMRC – either on a paper form or through the VAT website.

There are only a few fields to complete for each EC customer you have sold to in the last quarter. These EC customers must be resident in an EC Country and must supply you with their VAT Registration Number. It should be shown on their invoices – but isn’t always. The VAT number should be recorded in the customer’s account and should be prefixed with the country code.

The customer’s VAT number must be shown on the invoice as well as your company’s VAT number. You may have to amend the invoice layout to accommodate this.

The information for the EC Sales List is –

  • Country Code
  • Customer VAT number
  • Net Sales to that customer
  • Transaction type = e.g. 0 – Goods 3 – Services (you may need to research The VAT website if you supply other than these types to get the right code)

The sales for the quarter can be obtained from the Reports menu > Sales daybook listing. Put in date range, export this to excel, sort by VAT code (whatever VAT code you decided on in customer preferences for EC sales) and then by customer and sum each customer’s sales.

Then run the customer list, export to Excel and sort by VAT number to obtain the VAT numbers.

Complete the EC Sales list, submit and retain a copy. The total of the sales list should equate to box 8 on your VAT return or if different quarter end dates, should be reconcilable.