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How Do I Deal With Spam?

On-Demand Quarantine Email Report
You can now request a quarantine email report on-demand by sending an email to the dedicated email address  The email needn’t have a subject or message content and should have no other recipients.  The report will list spam and possible spam emails received in the current day.  It won’t affect the scheduled reports (see below).

Spam Learner
If you receive spam emails that are not being quarantined, you can help us learn from this by forwarding these emails to the dedicated email address, which will update our database with details from the original emails.  Note that it will not blacklist the sender.  Blacklisting a sender is not recommended because spammers often forge this value.

Reminder: Quarantine Email Report
You will know that you receive scheduled emails from Prelude Reporter entitled “Summary Email Report” that contain a list of spam and possible spam emails sent to your email address, your aliases (if any) and distribution lists (if any) that were intercepted since the previous scheduled email.  Use the links in the report to view and restore emails that have been wrongly identified as spam or possible spam.

From Click to launch a new outgoing email to this sender in your local email client.

Subject Click to view the message on our AntiSpam server, from which you can add the domain or email address to your white list and restore the individual email.
Restore Click to receive the individual email, which should arrive in your inbox shortly after.

Note that adding domains and individual email addresses to your white list will make it less likely that future emails received from those domains and email addresses will be quarantined, but it can’t guarantee this because the software uses many factors to evaluate the spam score.

Why am I receiving a lot of spam emails?

On our platform, we have set the anti-spam policy at a level whereby most obvious spam emails are blocked but, importantly, all genuine emails are allowed. The cost of the latter is that some spam emails are not blocked.

On a managed platform such as ours, if we were to increase the anti-spam policy levels, some genuine incoming emails might be blocked and it would be very difficult for you to retrieve them or even be aware that they have been blocked.

Instead, you can set your own “Rules and Alerts” from the Tools menu in Outlook.

The following link will help you: